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Lenox Executive Search understands the importance of qualified professionals, whether you are seeking an experienced candidate for your company or are looking to find the next step in your own career path.

Global Reach

We have connections with companies and candidates from all across the globe allowing great placement versatility.

History Of Success

Having been involved in recruiting for 35 years, we have established a history of success in the industry with hundreds of placements achieved.

Established Relationships

Our team has worked with many major players in the pharmaceutical industry and have established connections with hiring managers.

Industry Knowledge

Having so much experience in the industry, our team know exactly which skills hiring managers are seeking and what they are looking for on resumes.

Friendly Communication

Our team has worked with candidates spanning all ages, genders, nationalities, and specialities. We strive to always be pleasant to work with.

Passionate Team

Recruiting is more than a business to us. Our team is passionate and take great pride in helping others find the placements of their dreams.

Companies that we've worked with

What past clients have to say about LES

"Lenox Executive Search truly specializes in and understands the Biostatistics and Statistical Programming spaces so they always have a large pool of candidates with the skills and experience we need. John Tansey takes the time to make sure he really understands the specific need so that he can find the right candidates."
Art Collins
Art Collins
Associate Director, Statistical Programming Biogen Idec
"I worked with John Tansey first when I was seeking a new opportunity after being at a CRO as Statistical Programming Manager for 5 years. John and I talked several times on the phone and he was able to find 2 positions in short order that were potentially right for me. He understood what I was saying to him about both my actual skills and my preferred culture. And he knew very well the companies in the Boston area. He was extremely helpful and attentive in every way and I did accept an offer from one of the two companies he found for me, and have been working at the company for seven years. John stays in touch at regular intervals, which I love, in a very supportive way. I am searching again, and because John knew me – and kept on knowing me – I will go to him to assist me in my job search. If it works out anywhere near as well as it did before, I will be thrilled."
Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson
Director, Clinic Risk Management Vertex Pharmaceuticals
"John is a guy who gets results and I have worked with him as both a client and a business customer. He breaks through the barriers of the convoluted HR process that sometimes seems designed to stagnate individuals’ career growth. He gets the right prospects to the right hiring managers and efficiently gets the job done."
Kevin Darsney
Kevin Darsney
Sr. Business Analyst, BIOgen INC.

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John Tansey

John Tansey


Diane Agar



Dawn Carberry



Michele Walser

Michele Walser


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