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Why Should A Candidate Work With Lenox Search?

We have placed over 2,000 candidates in our 31-year history, and each one of those candidates took positions that greatly enhanced their career paths. We listen to what our candidates’ true career aspirations are then successfully match those desires with our clients’ needs. Our recruiters are not afraid to express to a candidate, “ I feel this job is not for you” and explain the reasoning as to why we feel this way. We then try to work with the applicant to find a more suitable role. 

At Lenox Search, we firmly believe that honesty is the best policy. We work with candidates to not only assist them with their current job search, but more importantly, to build a long-lasting relationship with each person we work with. Lenox Executive Search will not work with companies with high attrition rates. We only work with clients that we personally would be happy and comfortable with if we were on their payrolls as employees, period!

Why Should An Employer Choose Lenox Search?

The recruiters at Lenox Search all share a core commitment to quality and have earned a reputation for responsiveness, creativity and transparency. We have acquired and retained a vast majority of our clients through constant communication in response to their ever changing needs regionally, as well as on a global basis. 

In the Pharmaceutical / Drug Development sector, changes can occur in the blink of an eye during the clinical trials process. We serve as a valued resource supporting these changes by quickly providing the skill sets needed for the success of the program.

With 31 years of industry experience, Lenox Search is uniquely positioned to provide diverse solutions and build strong, lasting partnerships with our clients for a variety of Pharmaceutical / Biotech, IT technical and Manufacturing needs in various sectors.

Contractual Placements: Redefined

Lenox Search is redefining the concept of contractual employment services. All personnel we represent are considered permanent employees of our company and given termed work assignments on a regular basis. As a result, only the workplace or task is temporary in nature, not the availability of employment.

Our goal is to completely satisfy our clients’ temporary staffing needs while simultaneously creating full-time employment for our workforce. This dual approach allows Lenox Search to provide each of our clients with a dependable contractual service that delivers trained and qualified personnel who are dedicated to their job from start to finish.

Our focus in the Clinical Trials realm has made us a valued resource to our clients who know they will receive quality, not quantity when they ask us for our services for their augmentative, as well as their permanent, staffing needs.